Another of highly valuable gemstones is Emerald. Finest quality emeralds are more valuable than diamonds. From East to West, innumerable stories are attached to emerald. In Romans’ age, the color green was of the Venus, the goodness of beauty and love and so does the deep charming green of emerald gemstone.  Emeralds, are said to produce healing powers just only be gazing into intense green color of it and Greek used crushed powder to heal ailing eyes. It is also associated with heart chkra and powerful sphere of love, compassion and wellbeing. This highly precious gemstone helps in increasing spiritual energies and helps to calm down a disturbed mind.  The loved ones would gift an Emerald to newly wedded couples for it being a good lucky gemstone. It helps in creasing concentration and reduces depression.



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Jewelry Bangle by HunzaCrafts

Material  Coral and Metal

Size  8” inner circumference

Gape Size

1 1/5” to fit the wrist

Weight  86.4g



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